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When I was building this blog on my local environment, there was no issue around date, but after I changed the workflow to deploy the blog from local to GitHub Actions, it seems last updated date became current date, so I fixed it.

What happend?

I found that date on my blog was strange after I deployed my blog.
On top page, all dates were the same.
I first guessed that it was because I updated page list component, but each page also had the issue.

It worked on my local environment, so I thought there is something wrong around build process.

Confirm @vuepress/plugin-last-updated

I checked the source code of @vuepress/plugin-last-updated and I found that lastUpdated comes from git log -1 --format="%at".

However, there seems to be no explanation in document like git pretty formats or some related articles that this command produces current date.

Confirm actions/checkout

Then I thought that git repository might be different from my local environment, and checked actions/checkout action, and I found that fetch-depth is 1 by default.
This means that git histories are not fetched, and it seems that I couldn't get the author date (%ai) from the article Markdown file due to this.

This issue was resolved by using 0 to fetch-depth to get histories.

  - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      fetch-depth: 0

If this repository gets bigger, perhaps build time could be an issue, but I don’t have to handle it now.

Modify date format

Additionally, it seems that my blog was shown with strange date format - I write my blog in Japan, but the timezone was not JST - because the pages are built on CI and the timezone was not Asia/Tokyo, so I've also updated this to specify the format with timezone.

I have chosen dayjs this time and configured @vuepress/plugin-last-updated in .vuepress/config.js like this:

    transformer: (timestamp, lang) => {
      const dayjs = require('dayjs')
      const utc = require('dayjs/plugin/utc')
      const timezone = require('dayjs/plugin/timezone')
      return dayjs(timestamp).tz('Asia/Tokyo').format('YYYY/MM/DD HH:mmZ')

With this update, last updated dates are shown like 2021/02/05 00:28+09:00.
It specifies the timezone, so it is always shown with JST timezone regardless of the selected language or runtime environment.
(It is too detailed format to be a blog, though 😇)

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