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Trigger CircleCI 2.1 pipeline by both push and pull request


Pipelines cannot be triggered by both push and pull request

CircleCI's pipelines can be triggered by push by default.
There are some cases that push trigger suits, but you might sometimes want to trigger pipelines by creating or updating pull requests.
If you want to trigger pipelines only by pull requests, then you can do it by enabling Only build pull requests option.
It is notable that with this option, only pull requests to default branch, push to default branch and tags are the targets. It might be insufficient for your workflow.

In this case, you can create pipelines using CircleCI API from GitHub Actions that is triggered by pull requests.


Creating draft with VuePress


I'm still migrating my blog, and I'm on my way to confirm that whether or not what I want to do can be achieved with VuePress.
When I was writing my post with Blogger, I often thought that I want to write posts on mobile.
I've used StackEdit to write them in Markdown, but I could not save a draft and edit on my smartphone.

If I write my blog with something like VuePress, each post is just a file in a Git repository, so it's possible to share the file between serveral devices, but I found there is no feature like creating a post as a draft.


Migrating my blog and implementing with VuePress



I decided to migrate my blog from Blogger, and implemented with VuePress.

I've been using Blogger for a long time since it's very easy to use, but at the same time, there were some difficulties when I wanted to customize something or do some elaborate things.
So actually I considered migrating my blog several times.
The main reason to this descision is that I wanted to write my blog in English.
In my work, I don't have to speak English so far (though there are chances to do so if I want to try), but sometimes I have to write something in English, and such scenes are increasing day by day.
I thought it's good for me to start writing something I want to write, and got an idea to write my blog in English.


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